CIRCULATOR DAB EVOPLUS SMALL 80/180 M 1 1/2 "COD. 60150940

CIRCULATOR DAB EVOPLUS SMALL 80/180 M 1 1/2 "COD. 60150940

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CIRCULATOR DAB EVOPLUS SMALL 80/180 M 1 1/2 "COD. 60150940​

Operating range: from 2 to 12 m3 / h with head up to 11 meters; Liquid temperature range: -10 ° C to +110 ° C
Pumped liquid: clean, free from solids and mineral oils, non viscous, chemically neutral, close to water characteristics. (Max 30% glycol).
Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar (1600 kPa)
Standard flange: DN 32, DN 40 PN 6 / PN 10 / PN 16 (4 slots) Maximum ambient temperature: + 40 ° C.
the minimum pressure swing: the values ​​are given in the relevant tables. Accessories: with union connections 1/2 "F, 3/4", 1 "F, 1" 1/4F, 1 "1/4M threaded flanges from DN 10 and DN 32 PN 40 PN 10.
Electromagnetic compatibility: The circulatory EVOPLUS comply with EN 61800-3, in category C2, for electromagnetic compatibility.
electromagnetic emissions: Residential areas (in some cases may be required containment measures).
Conducted emissions: Residential areas (in some cases may be required containment measures).
Protection class circulator: IP 44
Insulation class: F
Standard voltage: single-phase 220 - 240 V, 50 / 60Hz
Sound pressure: ≤ 33 dB (A)
Product complies with the European standard EN 61800-3 - EN 60335-1 - EN 60335-2-51




EVOPLUS electronic circulation pumps can be used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning for residential and commercial buildings such as:

- Large residential buildings - Residential houses and buildings - residential

- Real Estate:

- Clinics and hospitals - Schools - Buildings used for offices
single version available with threaded connections 1 1/2 "and 2", and with flanged ports DN 32 and DN 40, PN 6 / PN 10 / PN 16.
Available twin version with flanged pump housing DN 32 and DN 40, PN 6 / PN 10 / PN 16.
Special version available with bronze pump body for the recirculation of domestic hot water.
control facility via external signal 0-10 v. or PWM and access to facilities management systems ModBus (LONBUS with appropriate additional communication module) with the use of the optional multifunction module (supplied as standard in twin version).


The heating required in different applications varies greatly during the day / night due to the outside temperature and the more or less constant presence of people inside the premises. To the above must be added the different needs of different environments and the possible opening or closure of the various branches in complex systems. The wet rotor pumps electronically governed ensure at all times, in almost all plants dimensioned correctly, a sufficient amount of energy and simultaneously less noise / comfort and a significant reduction in operating costs.


Unlike conventional electronic pumps, the circulation EVOPLUS electronic pumps can also be used in air conditioning systems where the temperature of the pumped liquid is lower than the ambient temperature. In these conditions, on the outer surface of the circulator is the formation of condensate that does not affect the proper functioning of both the electronic and mechanical parts. The particular construction has in fact been designed and sized so as to allow drainage of the condensate without damage to structural components.


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