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e.sybox is the new integrated system of DAB for pressurizing water in domestic and residential environment.
e.sybox does not require any additional components for its installation.
E 'consists of a multi-stage self-priming pump, electronic inverter
management, pressure and flow sensors, LCD display with high resolution and an adjustable expansion vessel integrated by 2 liters.


EFFICIENT: With e.sybox Inverter technology absorbs the energy needed depending on the water demand, thus avoiding unnecessary waste and allowing a significant cost savings.
VERSATILE: it can be installed either vertically or horizontally and in confined spaces without a high air exchange.
SILENT: The perceived noise as well as the vibrations are minimized with a low noise of only 45 dB in standard use. thanks to the water-cooled engine, the protective hulls in ABS with sound-absorbing function, the vibration-damping feet and electronics that modulates the revolutions of the motor according to the set pressure (the set point) and the flow rate required.
COMPACT: it guarantees a reduction of at least 30% of the overall dimensions compared to any other traditional system.
INSTALLATION AND USE SIMPLE: thanks to the design solution of the lining that allows, opening the door, access to the expansion tank,
to the rotor shaft and to the second load cap. In this area we are also housed all the tools useful both for the first installation and for maintenance, such as the user guide or tool developed to more easily extract the non-return valve cartridge.
WIRELESS: has wireless device to facilitate the creation of groups of
pressurizing and for connectivity with other devices DAB.

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