Electrothermal actuator CAZZANIGA NA4 22C WATTS 22C230NA4

Electrothermal actuator CAZZANIGA NA4 22C WATTS 22C230NA4

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Electrothermal actuator compact on / off action compatible with thermostatic radiator valves, valves for fan coils and manifolds Series 822MM. Lightweight self-extinguishing plastic. Threaded ring, chrome-plated brass M30 x 1.5. Normally closed (NC). Normally Open (NO). Stroke: 3.5 mm.

Opening time:
- 230V version: 90 sec (start) - 3 mins (the end);
- 24V version: 3 Min (start) - 5 Min (end).
Shutter push: 100N (NC version) - 80N (Version NA).
Power consumption: 2.5W Ambient temperature: 0 ° C / + 50 ° C.
Version 4-wire (NA4 - NC4) with auxiliary microswitch.
Auxiliary contact capacity: 700mA.
Power cable: 1 m diameter 7.2 mm (1 m Ø 5,5 mm for codes with *)
Complies with LVD 2006/95 / EC, EMC 2004/108 / EC
According to EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-14, EN 55014, EN 55104
TÜV SÜD certification "safety tested and Production monitored".
N.B. to replace the old model actuators 20C, 22C use the normally closed

Tipo Codice Alimentazione Protezione
22C 22C24NC2 24V IP44
22C 22C230NC4 230V IP44
22C 22C24NC4 24V IP44
22C 22C230NA2 230V IP44
22C 22C24NA2 24V IP44
22C 22C230NA4 230V IP44
22C 22C24NA4 24V IP44
22C 22C230NC2-5* 230V IP44
22C 22C24NC2-5* 24V IP44
22C 22C230NA2-5* 230V IP44
22C 22C24NA2-5* 24V IP44


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